My Clinical Site Clients in Private Practice

Healthcare professionals in private practice, or their employers, can benefit the most from a SEO-friendly and mobile-friendly website. Here are some of the professionals we serve at My Clinical Site.

1. Respiratory therapist/clinician
Primary duties: A respiratory therapist examines and treats patients with breathing problems or cardiopulmonary disorders. They administer treatments and monitor patients’ lung functions. Respiratory therapists can also provide emergency care to patients suffering from heart attacks or other sudden illnesses that affect the lungs.

2. Health & wellness coach
Primary duties: A health coach provides specialized guidance to clients in order to promote better health and wellness. They work with clients to address specific health concerns and create a plan that involves nutritional and behavioral lifestyle changes.

3. Health & wellness coordinator
Primary duties: A wellness coordinator creates and leads a wellness program in collaboration with clients or employers. They conduct classes, give seminars and create training programs to promote healthy lifestyles.

4. Dermatology assistant/clinician
Primary duties: A dermatology assistant works alongside and under the supervision of a dermatologist to treat patients for skin conditions and cosmetic enhancements. They record patients’ medical histories, answer questions and assist dermatologists during clinical procedures.

5. Community health worker
Primary duties: Community health workers promote health and wellness within their communities. They provide education on health topics and connect individuals with health resources. They also collect and analyze data about their communities to determine what health topics to address.

6. Nutritionist
Primary duties: A nutritionist provides people with education on food and health. They collaborate with patients or private clients one-on-one and may work in schools, hospitals or clinics. Nutritionists help individuals create diet plans, and they provide recommendations and track their clients’ progress.

7. Personal fitness trainer
Primary duties: A personal trainer leads individuals or groups in exercises designed to improve overall health and reach specific goals. Personal trainers create exercise programs and work one-on-one with clients to encourage them and help them make progress.

8. Physical education teacher
Primary duties: Physical education teachers create and implement a physical education curriculum in schools. They work with children to educate them on health-related topics and lead classes involving sports and games to promote a physically active lifestyle and develop teamwork skills.

9. X-ray technician
Primary duties: An X-ray technician works within a hospital or other healthcare setting to produce images of the body for diagnostic purposes. They operate radiologic equipment and follow regulations for patient safety. They prepare examination rooms, position patients for X-rays and document results.

10. Clinical social worker
Primary duties: Clinical social workers coordinate the care of patients by assisting with emotional and social problems. They work with vulnerable individuals, including children and families, to provide skills for coping, and they advocate for their clients to ensure physical and mental safety.

11. Registered Nurse
Primary duties: A nurse assesses patients and helps to create treatment plans. They collaborate with physicians and monitor patients, perform tests and administer treatments. Nurses also record patients’ medical histories and perform routine procedures.

12. Chiropractor
Primary duties: A chiropractor treats patients with neuromusculoskeletal problems. They assess patients’ concerns and address them using spinal adjustments and manipulations, electric muscle stimulation and other treatments.

13. Speech language pathologist
Primary duties: A speech language pathologist diagnoses and treats speech, language, social communication, cognitive communication and swallowing disorders. They create therapy and treatment plans to help patients develop and improve their speech skills.

14. Psychotherapist / Psychologist
Primary duties: Psychotherapists and psychologists work with patients to overcome behavioral and psychological problems. They perform assessments and create strategies to address their patients’ concerns. Therapists monitor their patients’ progress, provide support for ongoing issues and refer patients to other specialists.

15. Clinical liaison
Primary duties: Clinical liaisons perform evaluations of incoming patients, keep track of patient records and process health insurance information. They advocate for patient care and treatment by collaborating with nurses, physicians and other staff.

16. Prosthetist
Primary duties: A prosthetist designs artificial limbs, braces and appliances for patients with physical disabilities. They evaluate patients’ needs and perform fittings to ensure that the pieces they create are comfortable and functional for the patient.

17. Radiation therapist
Primary duties: Radiation therapists explain radiation treatment plans to cancer patients and answer related questions. They work with an oncologist to prepare patients and administer radiation treatment safely. They also provide support to patients throughout their treatment.

18. MRI technologist
Primary duties: An MRI technologist operates magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment to produce images of the body for diagnostic use. They record medical history, maintain imaging equipment and protect patients during scanning.

19. Nuclear medicine technologist
Primary duties: nuclear medicine technologists prepare and administer radioactive drugs to patients for diagnostic purposes. They capture images using positron emission tomography (PET) and single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) scans to identify abnormalities in the body.

20. Dental hygienist
Primary duties: Dental hygienists work under the supervision of dentists to conduct patient screenings, clean teeth and assist during dental procedures. They also advise patients on dental hygiene and take X-rays.

21. Physical therapist
Primary duties: Physical therapists work with patients who are recovering from injuries, surgeries or have certain conditions that affect their movement or range of motion. Physical therapists create treatment plans for patients that involve targeted exercises, stretching, hands-on manipulation and massage therapy.

22. Director of rehabilitation
Primary duties: A director of rehabilitation is responsible for the overall functions of a rehabilitation program. They work in rehabilitation centers, nursing homes or other facilities that require rehabilitation programs. A director of rehabilitation leads staff, implements guidelines and monitors the progress of patients.

23. Biomedical engineer
Primary duties: Biomedical engineers develop new devices and equipment to improve human health, such as artificial internal organs, replacements for body parts and diagnostic medical machines. They may also be responsible for the installation and maintenance of biomedical equipment.

24. Advanced practice registered nurse
Primary duties: Advanced practice registered nurses perform similar duties to other nurses, including monitoring patients and administering treatments. They have additional education that allows them to provide specialized care to patients.

25. Occupational therapist
Primary duties: Occupational therapists work with individuals with disabilities or motor impairments to create and implement a rehabilitation plan. They help patients improve their motor skills by working with them on performing daily tasks.

26. Occupational health and safety manager
Primary duties: An occupational health and safety manager is responsible for implementing and improving health and safety-related policies in the workplace. They can work in various industries, and they use their knowledge of management and healthcare to keep employees safe and prevent injuries and accidents.

27. Clinical trial administrator
Primary duties: Clinical trial administrators monitor the effectiveness and potential health risks of new treatments to determine when a medicine is ready for release to the general public. They are responsible for adhering to safety and ethical guidelines while overseeing trials.

28. Physician assistant
Primary duties: A physician assistant is a medical professional who provides direct patient care in specialty or primary care practices. They order and interpret tests, treat illnesses and conduct physical exams.

29. Podiatrist
Primary duties: Podiatrists diagnose and treat injuries and illnesses affecting the feet, ankles and lower legs. They administer therapeutic treatment, prescribe orthotics and conduct surgeries.t

30. Pharmacist
Primary duties: A pharmacist prepares and dispenses medication for patients. They supervise pharmacy staff and advise patients on how to take medications and prevent drug interactions from occurring in patients taking multiple medications.