Hosting Package Tutorial

Thank you for purchasing your new My Clinical Site d+h+s package!

We have worked hard to make our Package subscriptions into a dependable and powerful solution for your hosting needs. This tutorial is designed to provide information on the benefits of our package features and options.

If you’re a health & wellness business new to web hosting and website creation, establishing a web presence may seem an overwhelming task. In reality, it’s a lot simpler than you think! Once you’ve decided on and purchased your Package, it’s time to create and launch your new website. This article will walk you through the tasks you should complete after you’ve purchased a My Clinical Site Package.

Before you dive in, it’s important to learn about two important applications: the Plesk Hosting Control Panel and the AMP.

Plesk is a control panel interface that allows you to make changes and customize your hosting account. With Plesk you’ll be able to create, view and modify email accounts, change email passwords, configure domains, create subdomains, create/manage FTP accounts and more.

Your Account Management Panel (AMP) is primarily used for managing the billing aspects of your account. With AMP, you’ll be able to access all functions of your account.

Make sure you log into the AMP and from there to Plesk and familiarize yourself with these two platforms.


Once you’ve toured Plesk and the AMP, it’s time to set up your email accounts. Set up your email accounts before you begin creating your website, as you will need an email address for website management. You can easily create your email accounts in Plesk. When you’ve created your accounts, set up your email client to access your email, configure a desktop application, and add your email to your mobile device.


With your email created, you’re ready to start completing your website. Your website is preinstalled with WordPress and the Enfold Theme, the easiest platform and the easiest website editor to establish a web presence. With preinstalled plugins and Enfold, you’ll be able to quickly create a beautiful website that meets your business needs.

Backups and Security

Your Package features great security benefits. All accounts come with free SSLs that you can enable on your website. You’ll do this easily from your Plesk panel. You’ll also enjoy free server monitoring and if you suspect malicious activity on your server, you can submit a support ticket request.

My Clinical Site users have total control of their own backups and restorations, which is recommended, from within their WordPress installation, using the preinstalled backup plugin. Use your backup plugin to perform restorations, monitor backup storage capacity, and control which data is backed up and how often.

AMP Account Login

When you initially receive your Welcome email, there is a link inside the email that takes you to the AMP login. Log into AMP with your email address and password you choose while purchasing your Package.