Should You List on a Therapist Directory?

About therapist directories

Reasons to list

1. Inform prospective clients about your practice. Obviously, being listed increases your online visibility and people seeking therapy can find your practice.

2. Go a step farther. Doing just a little more than your competitors may gain you an edge in winning more clients.

3. Speak to your audience. Being listed gives you a profile, and a profile is your chance to create a positive first impression.

Reasons not to list

1. It takes time to craft a winning therapist profile, and a good bit of marketing savvy, too.

2. You may not need to bother, if you have well-established referral sources.

3. Even a dynamite profile gets overlooked in a crowded directory.

Which directory is the best?

A better way to ask the question is, which is the best for the kind of mental health care you specialize in? Do this experiment. Search online for a specialty and your city, as in “Depression Treatment New York” or “Couples Counseling Los Angeles.” The listings will pop up as being in certain directories, some more prominent than others. Then, look at these directories and count how many listings they have for that specialty, how many therapists are listed for a specific zip code, the overall appearance of their profiles. This will tell you a lot about the competition your profile will face, as well which directories are more popular than others.

Try before you buy

If the directory offers it, take advantage of a free trial. If it is long enough, say three to six months, it will give you a chance to test its effectiveness and bringing in new clients. You be the judge of how many is enough and, if it doesn’t work, you can cancel and perhaps move on to another directory trial.

Who writes the profile?

You can hire a copywriter or write it yourself. Be brief, it’s always better. Stick to your specialties and avoid the jack-of-all-trades pitfall. If you have a unique selling point, use it prominently. Post a professional photograph, friendly and well-lit. Ask your prospects to call you and offer them a free 15-minute phone consult, if you can afford it.

What if the directory doesn’t produce results?

Make sure you’ve given it enough time, but at some point, you’ll know for sure if it does or does not work. Consider revising your profile about halfway through the trial, if it’s not working. Do this by simplifying or better targeting your message.