How to Point Name Servers

The DNS (Domain Name System) is a system that maps a website domain name, e.g.,, to an IP address, e.g., This is what allows you to re-direct your website domain name to the My Clinical Site server hosting your website’s content.

To get a domain name for your new website, you purchase a domain name from My Clinical Site during checkout. Assuming you now have a domain name that you own or control, follow this tutorial to change the name servers at your domain’s registrar and point your domain name to My Clinical Site’s server hosting your website content.

To change the nameservers, log into your domain registrar’s account management section. Once you’re logged in, follow the directions for your registrar.

Using a generic registrar, we’ll show you how to update the name servers used by your domain registrar to My Clinical Site name servers instead. We’ll show you how to look up the registrar for your domain, then provide step-by-step guidance on how to update the name server settings

It will take a short time for the name server changes to propagate throughout the Internet after you’ve changed them. During this time, the domain registrar communicates the changes you’ve made with your ISP (Internet Service Provider). In turn, your ISP caches the new nameservers to ensure quick site connections. This process takes about 10 minutes but could take up to one hour or more, depending on your registrar and your ISP’s communication methods.

Once your domain is pointed to My Clinical Site’s name servers, your new website hosted on our servers will be live on the Internet.

At your registrar, update your name servers to the My Clinical Site name servers shown below:

  4. ns4

If your registrar is on the following list, click on the link to view their specific instructions. Otherwise, see our generic instructions farther down this page.