Why My Clinical Site? Help in sorting through the options

Dr ZDear Future Client,

When we were thinking about launching My Clinical Site, we researched and tested quite a few so-called “website builders”, the ones that let you do it yourself. They provide a usually very nice blank platform, set it up for you, often in just a few minutes and then you are free to edit it, fill it up with your titles, text, and images, and create your website according to your taste (and web editing skills!)

It is not a bad solution at all, and over the years a number of companies have sprung up to offer this type of service, which usually comes bundled with a domain (sometimes free) and a few stock images (which often have nothing to do with your business but are simply placeholders.) Speaking of images, that’s not really a problem since sites like Unsplash feature free images that are every bit as good as professional photography.

But back to the website builders, they combine ease of use while letting you unleash total creative freedom, so much so that even beginners can be up and running in a couple of hours. If you’re happy with the results and you believe your newly created site is professional-looking, great!  You’ve probably saved upwards of the $15-20K that a website design agency may charge you just to get started.

Niche website designers, such as My Clinical Site, are somewhat of a hybrid solution. Not too small to tackle large clinical practices’ online needs, and not too big or sophisticated to charge 20K for their work. Many other sites that cater to niche markets such as health and wellness have sprung up in recent years. For example, TherapySites offers quite a nice product of the website builder kind for a very affordable price. Another very similar option is UK-based HealthHosts. Yet a third option, which appears to be a bit more upscale in their own website’s design is Brighter Vision, which also offers, like TherapySites the option of writing the content for you. All three can produce perfectly good websites and, if you’re so inclined and have sufficient self-confidence to tackle the editing, copywriting, and image selection yourself, you may be very pleased with the results.

My Clinical Site, though, isn’t far behind these competitors who have been around for a number of years. We are proud to deliver Enfold, the best theme designs on the market, making it just perfect for anyone in the health and wellness space who wants to go with the easiest to use and most beloved WordPress template in the world. At My Clinical Site, we would feel honored to sit comfortably in third or fourth place, and we hope to get there thanks to our efficiency, our excellent array of design functionalities and features, competitive prices, specialization in health and wellness, and personalized service. You’ll be the judge!

Here below is a somewhat daunting and, to our knowledge, full list of the best website builders of 2022. Google them and then shop them all before you decide who to go with. It’s a difficult decision, I know, but one that has to be made. There is risk in every choice, but these are all companies that have achieved a respectable share of the market, so your risk is really limited.

Wix – Probably the best known
Squarespace – They have really excellent template designs
GoDaddy – They claim they’re faster to build a website than anyone else
Weebly – Great if you’re looking for a free starter plan
Zyro – Recent arrival, but showing real promise
Jimdo – Value for the money you pay
Duda – A company that offers polished web design
WordPress.com – Best for blogs
SITE123 – Their claim to fame is site speed and reliability
Strikingly – A company that facilitates your learning
1&1 IONOS – Must be the cheapest pricing plan anywhere

Thank you for checking us out and we hope to be your provider soon!